What is included in a Builders Clean?

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Is a builders clean included in your new home or renovation and you are not sure what exactly will be included? Sometimes this item can be skimmed over because it’s often the least expensive. You still want to get it right or you’ll spend the first few days cleaning instead of moving in to your new home.


The Old Style of Builders Clean

Once upon a time the builder would actually conduct the builders clean themselves, hence the name. They would have the apprentice remove protective coverings, vacuuming the joinery, tidying the floors and wipe the bench tops.

Builders could get away with this because many trades were sole traders and excellent craftspeople. As builders grew so did the demand for cheaper sub-contractors and contractors were forced to operate as efficiently as possible. Over time they managed to get away with making more and more mess and increasing the demand for a professional cleaner.

That era is long past and builders are now outsourcing this to professional cleaning services. There are generally two types of cleaning contractors that can do the builder clean, commercial cleaners and specialised builders cleaners. The best choice is a specialised builders cleaning company because they know exactly what to look for, and how to present your new home in the best possible condition, enhancing the longevity of your selections.

The Builders Clean

These days, the builders clean is a complete presentation of the project. The icing on the cake! After spending 6-12 months or more building your dream home you expect it to be perfect. After all, you have paid for brand new windows, floors and everything in between so why shouldn’t it all look brand new?

Often the choice of cleaner will be the ultimate decider of the finished product. Professional builders cleaners have the skills and equipment to bring your home to show home condition. Whereas domestic or non-specialist cleaners will be great at removing mould and soap scum, but ill-equipped to present a brand new home for handover.


So, what is included specifically?

In most cases the following list of inclusions are to be expected:

  • Cleaning to all tiled walls
  • Cleaning to vanity units and basins
  • Cleaning to toilet bowls including removing stickers
  • Cleaning to bathroom fixtures, shower screens and tap ware
  • Cleaning to joinery, robes, built-in wardrobes and walk ins
  • Cleaning to all skirtings, architraves, and door timbers
  • Cleaning to doors and hardware
  • Cleaning to all silicone joins throughout
  • Cleaning to light switches, power points and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning to kitchen joinery, bench tops, splash backs, sinks and tap ware
  • Cleaning to carpet, timber floors, tiled floors & feature concrete
  • Cleaning to feature walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning to windows, frames, door tracks and fly screens
  • Cleaning to alfresco floors and outdoors kitchens
  • Cleaning to garage floor, roller door and fixtures
  • Cleaning to front porch floor surface and entrance features

And, what is usually excluded or an optional extra?

In most cases the following list of exclusions are to be expected, but you can request to have them included:

  • Cleaning to one or all painted walls or ceilings
  • Cleaning to gutters, eaves, fascias or roof areas
  • Cleaning to appliances such fridges, ovens and coffee machines
  • Cleaning to pathways and walkways surrounding the home
  • Cleaning to landscaped elements such as fences, retaining walls and letter box
  • Sealing or protective coatings to floor or wall surfaces

How do I know for sure my builder is using the right cleaner?

You will have to do your research and specify the contractor you want, or trust your builder will do the right thing. You could always print the list above and confirm it with the builder or use it as your checklist at your pre-handover inspection.

If your builder is using different terms or you need to know more about the builders clean try reading What is a builders clean HERE…


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