Will my builder do a builders clean?

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Has your builder mentioned a builders clean? Do you know what you are getting? Are you sure… The last thing you want to do is spend a week cleaning your new home instead of moving in!

Who’s your builder?

There are a few different types of residential builders to chose from and they tend to follow similar pattens. in most cases you will be working with a custom home builder, solo builder or mass production builder. The custom home builder usually has a team of 3-10 staff ranging from site supervisors to designers and administration and they usually build 5-15 homes per year. The solo builder is your hands on builder, usually a single operator and builds 1-4 homes per year. The mass production builder may have upwards of 50 staff and builds in excess of 100 homes per year.




Why does the type of builder matter?

The type of builder you are building with matters because there are trends that each type often follows. The custom home builder will have a tried and tested, reliable, specialist builders cleaner they use for every job. The solo builder may do the same as above or try to cut costs by doing it in-house. The mass production builder uses the cheapest contractor they can find, often using several contractors and swapping constantly to the next cheapest.


So, will my builder do a builders clean?

In short, YES.

Will you be happy with the result? Only if you do your research and outline your expectations.

Regardless of the builders it is always a good idea to update the builder on your expectations on handover day. They may already have the answers you need and if they do, you can feel comfort in knowing your builder has the right builders cleaner on your job. If they are stumped at your questions, you will need to take charge and use your research to define your expectations.

You are also welcome to get in touch with us if you need further clarification. We don’t work with every builder but we are always happy to provide some guidance where we can.

What are my builders clean expectations?

At the end of the day you are buying a brand new product. You should be presented with your brand new home in a way that showcases its features. From perfect floors to sparkling windows and spot free bathroom tiles. Regardless of your budget, the builders clean should be done by a professional so that your home starts in 100% condition. If your builder debates the importance of a builders clean then you may want to enquire about what other corners they are cutting to save costs and increase their profits.

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