What is a Builders Clean?

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Times are changing and the client is becoming highly educated in the building process. They are picking up one very tiny detail and it’s costing you a fortune. Learn what a builders clean was, and has become.


The ‘Traditional’ Builders Clean

A few years ago a builders clean was cheap, quick and relatively unknown. The builders clean was once done by the builder and really only involved removing any protective coverings, vacuuming the joinery, tidying the floors and wiping the bench tops.

This was so simple because many trades were sole traders and took great pride in their work, meaning they were a lot tidier. As builders grew so did the demand for cheaper sub-contractors and contractors were forced to operate as efficiently as possible. Over time they managed to get away with making more and more mess because it was profitable for all parties.

That has all changed.

The ‘New-Age’ Builders Clean

These days, the builders clean is a complete presentation of the project. The home owner/client knows what the want and they expect it to be perfect. It involves cleaning everything from joinery to kitchens, wet areas, front porches, pool areas, windows, window frames and door tracks.

The presentation of your project has become the most important part of the entire build. With so much anticipation on the handover it is crucial to get everything looking its best.  The client has paid good money for their new build, renovation or fit-out and they expect to be presented with a ready to use product.




So, what are the correct terms to use?

Labourers Clean: quick site clean up. Often used when bringing the client onto site during the building process. Includes picking up rubbish, removal of protective coverings, sweep/vacuum & general tidying of the surrounding site.

Pre-Silicone Clean: quick tidy of wet areas and kitchen. Often used by premium builders who want to ensure a clean run for their caulking contractor. Although not the most cost effective service it does yield the best results by minimising the risk of contaminating the silicone once applied.

Builders Clean: complete clean of project. All builders require a builders clean to some degree. For the most part it involves cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms, joinery, floors, walls, skirtings, window and window frames. Many cleaners offer different standards to tailer for the many different types of project, and ever expanding needs of the client.

Final Clean: a quick tidy after defects. After the builders clean it is common for some minor defects to be rectified causing small amounts of mess around the project. A final clean is the only way to ensure the project is perfect for the client handover.


What clean or selection of cleans do I need?

The most cost effective method is to select the builders clean as an all in one package. Timing is crucial on this as all trades must be completed with a clear period for cleaning. This is often done on the day before handover.

The best value option is a builders clean & final clean package. This enables you to see the finished product in a perfectly clean environment and conduct a proper analysis of the defects. The defects are clean rectified during the defect period and a final clean ensures the project is perfect for handover. The builders clean is often done a week out from handover allowing the remaining time as a defect period to finalize all building works. The final clean can then be done the day before or on the morning of handover.

The most optimal result is ultimately the most expensive but it ensures the project is immaculate from start to finish. This process involves periodically conducting labourers cleans to keep the site safe and tidy throughout the build. After the wet areas and kitchen has been installed a pre-silicone clean is conducted to make sure the main features of the home are perfect. After the painting has finished the builders clean (including window cleaning) is done ready for the defect period. After a few minor defects are rectified a final clean is completed and you’re ready for handover!


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