Window Cleaning for Handover

We’ve perfected the process of window cleaning for handover.

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Who do we help? 
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Renovation & Extension Builders
  • Volume Production Builders
  • Insurance Builders
What do we clean? 
  • Windows
  • Window Frames
  • Fly Screens
  • Internal Glazed Partitions
  • High Access Glazing
  • Building Facade and Frontage

Residential window cleaning for handover

New windows and frames need to be cleaned for handover, but they can’t be cleaned by anyone. You need an experienced window cleaner with proven processes, or risk a lot of damage and headaches. The best builders use Build Clean.

Choosing experienced construction window cleaners gives you peace of mind knowing your project will be handed over on time, to happy clients.

We work exclusively with builders to ensure our processes are current and our service as close to perfection as we can achieve. We keep our window cleaning in-house to maintain control of the end result. We strive to achieve the very best finish on every project.

Our window cleaning for handover service involves cleaning of the windows, frames, door tracks and hardware. This can include the removal of paint, silicone, concrete and mortar. We always follow our scratch free process when removing building contaminants.

It is best practice to get the window cleaning tasks completed the day prior to builders cleaning. This is because the window cleaning process can cause a little mess on the floors and if both window cleaning and builders cleaning team are working in the same room, there is a chance they may be overlapping. We like to schedule residential sites for a two day clean, were the window cleaning team get the internals complete on day one so they builders cleaners have a free run on day two.

For multi-level homes we utilise telescopic ladders with self levelling feet. Safety is of the upmost importance and we will not attempt to clean anything that has unnecessary risk that can not be avoided. There is always a way to complete the works safely and often the most simple way is to conduct the high external window clean from the scaffolding.

Although there is a fair amount of time before handover, we can give the windows a good scrub from the scaffolding and then use a water-fed pole system to quickly re-clean them from the ground at the time of handover. This is the safest way to achieve the best results.



Commercial window cleaning for handover

Commercial sites still need the same amount of care taken when cleaning, but you also need a team with the skills to safely access the high elevations. Build Clean have a team of operators certified in working at heights and a range of elevated working platforms.

The best builders use Build Clean.

There is no need to put yourself under additional stress by option for the cheap dodgy cleaning contractor that you don’t even know if they will show up. We are a bit more expensive because our team are directly employed, paid a fair salary and are trained in delivering the very best window cleaning services.

We hold toolbox meetings each morning at our office to prepare for the day. Our team compile the necessary safety documentation and tooling for their daily tasks. We arrive on site prior to inductions and are prepared with all the required documentation.

We have invested a lot of time removing the uneasy parts of engaging cleaning contractors. Why does such an easy trade need to be so hard?

It doesn’t.

Where applicable, we also have the certification and experience to conduct many working at heights projects through a range of elevated work platforms. We will liaise with the site team to ensure the correct plant arrives to the desired location in a timely manner, and all operation of plant is in accordance with site rules.

The full suite of handover services

The best builders use Build Clean for every handover. Be confident your project will be handed over consistently, on time, every time.

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