Builders Cleaning for Handover

We prepare Australia’s best projects for handover.

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Who do we help? 
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Renovation & Extension Builders
  • Volume Production Builders
  • Insurance Builders
What do we clean? 
  • Kitchens 
  • Bathrooms/Wet Areas
  • Bedrooms & Living Spaces
  • Offices & Workstations
  • Entrances/Foyers
  • Alfresco, Patio & Terrace’s
  • Windows & Frames
  • Everything your project needs for handover…

Residential builders cleaning for handover

We are proud to handover the very best residential properties, from the likes of Urban Habitats, Alan Sheppard, Heritage Building Group and many more. It is true that the best builders really do use Build Clean.

For us, every day is handover. We understand the importance of the first impression, the stress your team has been under and the milestone that is the handover experience.

Our team are trained specifically to work toward marking your handover experience seamless. Our processes are meticulous and out output is consistent. We even spray a little fragrance in the air to give your clients the full experience. There are a few ways we can get to handover and it usually depends on your timing and process.

The most cost effective way is a single clean handover. Where we complete all scope items in one clean and you can handover once completed. This is the quickest most cost effective method, however it doesn’t allow any time for trade defects and airborne dust to settle. You may find that the following day or so the surfaces become dusty as the particles settle.

The second method is the most common and best practice. It involves a full clean of all internal areas and a window clean of all internal/external windows and frames. Theoretically you could handover as this point but many like to use the next week to ensure that any trade defects are rectified and appliances can be installed. Once appliances are in we conduct a final clean which is a quick clean to tidy up after trade defects and appliance installation. From here, you can handover with the upmost certainly.

There are also times when additional items may be added to the clean process. You may want a labourers clean partway through the build, particularly when the client wants to take a formal walk-through as assess the progress. You may also need elements cleaned from scaffolding or temporary work platforms which can all be easily arranged.

Commercial builders cleaning for handover

Build Clean are Adelaide’s best builders cleaners. We are safe, consistent, high quality and enjoyable to work with. There is no need to stress out your team and risk your reputation by choosing unreliable cleaning contractors. The best builders use Build Clean.

There are some major milestones to achieve towards the end of the project and it can be make or break for your team. Build Clean understand the importance of meeting wet/dry fire tests, architectural inspections, practical completion and handover. Depending on your site, some or all of the above are incredibly high stress situations and the last thing you need is a dodgy cleaning contractor. We will work with your site team to ensure we know every important date and the scope requirements necessary to achieve each milestone effectively.

From our initial site inspection we will identify a scope of works (if not already determined) and work towards itemising costings appropriately. We will determine what EWP and additional plant/equipment may be required. From there we have the scope and quote approved and we cal commence preparing safety documentation and mobilisation of resources.

You will have one point of contact with our operations team to ensure you always know who to contact. This operations manager will be responsible for all your cleaning requirements on this project. They will visit site prior to commencement of works, during the works and upon completion to ensure every scope item is completed and signed off. Our Operations Managers work closely with our leading hands on site so we always know what is going on and all works are being supervised appropriately.

The full suite of handover services

The best builders use Build Clean for every handover. Be confident your project will be handed over consistently, on time, every time.

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