Our Unique Selling Points, Why Choose Build Clean?

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At Build Clean, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional cleaning services tailored specifically for construction sites. Understanding the unique needs of the construction industry, we have developed a range of services and practices that set us apart. Here’s why choosing Build Clean is the right decision for your construction cleanup needs:

Capacity & Flexibility

  • Team Size Over 100: Our large and skilled team ensures that we can handle multiple projects simultaneously, no matter the scale.
  • Flexibility with Dates: We adapt to your project timelines, shuffling handovers as required to meet your dynamic needs.
  • Rapid Complete Handovers: Need it done fast? We can complete handovers in as little as one day when necessary.
  • Last-Minute Bookings: Urgent needs? No problem. We have the capacity to book in last-minute cleans, providing flexibility when you need it most.

Structure & Presentation

  • Full Management Team: Our structured approach ensures that Project Managers focus solely on managing jobs, leading to more efficient project completion.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: Each project is assigned its own Project Manager, providing a single point of contact for streamlined communication.
  • Dedicated Cleaning Site Supervisor: Ensures continuous team communication and supervises all onsite activities to maintain high standards.
  • Professional Presentation: Our team is professionally uniformed and we use branded vehicles, aligning with your client’s expectations for professionalism and trust.

Experience & Reliability

  • National Brand Recognition: Build Clean is a well-known name across Australia, synonymous with reliability and quality.
  • Vast Experience: With over 100,000 construction handovers completed, our experience is extensive and varied across different project types.
  • Employment Integrity: All staff are directly employed, with no involvement in sham contracting, ensuring reliability and accountability.
  • Industry Compliant: Fully insured and certified, equipped with the correct PPE, and possessing a deep understanding of industry requirements.

Systems & Processes

  • App-Based Job Management: We use advanced app-based software to manage jobs efficiently, ensuring that every detail is accounted for.
  • Documentation of Work: We document before and after pictures of each project, providing clear evidence of our quality work.
  • Defect Reporting: Any discrepancies or issues are immediately reported with time-stamped notifications, keeping you informed at every step.
  • Signatory Sign-Off: Upon completion, our signatory sign-off process ensures that all work meets the expected standards.

Why Use Us?

Choosing Build Clean means opting for a partner who brings reliability, expertise, and a structured approach to construction site cleaning. Our unique selling points are designed to meet the demands of the construction industry, ensuring that your projects are always presentable, compliant, and completed to the highest standards. Trust Build Clean to be more than just a service provider — consider us your partner in maintaining spotless construction sites.

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