Build Clean Awarded Mcmahon’s Feature Project at Coopers Brewery

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Build Clean South Australia has proudly secured the prestigious contract for McMahon’s Coopers Brewery Project, setting a significant milestone in the construction and brewery industry in Adelaide. This project not only underscores Build Clean’s exemplary service and commitment but also heralds a new era of innovation and job creation in South Australia.

A Vision Turning into Reality

The enthusiasm surrounding the commencement of this project is palpable among all partners. With the main goal of transforming a bold vision into reality, the Coopers Brewery redevelopment is poised to become a landmark facility that offers both immersive and interactive experiences. The involvement of Built, a leading national contractor known for its robust portfolio and expertise, as the primary delivery partner, further accentuates the project’s prominence.

Chris Bate, Built’s General Manager for South Australia, expressed pride in leading this iconic venture. “This project will help bolster job creation providing in excess of 500 onsite local South Australian jobs during the construction phase and many more in the manufacturing of material prior to site delivery,” Mr. Bate noted. His emphasis on local employment and high-quality outcomes highlights the project’s dual focus on economic and community development.

Features of the Coopers Brewery Development

The Coopers Brewery expansion is designed to be a beacon of culture and craftsmanship, incorporating a range of facilities aimed at enhancing the visitor experience:

  • Restaurant and Bar: A modern space offering exceptional dining experiences.
  • Outdoor Plaza Dining: Where visitors can enjoy the ambiance of open-air eating.
  • Dedicated Tasting Room: Crafted for sampling the brewery’s finest.
  • Interactive History Display: An educational journey through Coopers’ storied past.
  • Microbrewery and Whisky Distillery: For onsite brewing and distillation.
  • Underground Stillage: Dedicated to the maturation of whisky, enhancing its rich flavors.

Designed by Studio Nine Architects, the development features a distinctive curved structure inspired by the iconic Coopers’ roundel label, which includes a sloping amphitheatre showcasing the picturesque brewery grounds and maltings. This architectural marvel not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the development but also integrates the cultural heritage of Coopers Brewery.

Timelines and Additional Projects

Projected to be completed by May 2024, the Coopers Brewery project is part of a larger expansion plan. Concurrently, a $15 million expansion led by Ahrens is enhancing the site’s warehousing capabilities by nearly 50%, further solidifying Coopers Brewery’s capacity to meet growing demand.

This ambitious project by Build Clean South Australia promises to be a cornerstone of local industry and a proud example of South Australian craftsmanship and innovation. For more information, visit the Coopers Brewery website.

By securing and leading projects like McMahon’s Coopers Brewery, Build Clean not only contributes significantly to local economies but also sets new standards in construction and project delivery. The future looks promising as we watch these visionary projects take shape under the guidance of Build Clean and its partners.

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