Know where you stand with Build Clean to ensure a strong and prosperous relationship.

Terms & Conditions
Progress Payment Policy: Build Clean require progress payments at 7 day intervals to ensure a healthy flow of business activity. Please respect this policy by making the associated progress payments by the due date.
Private Customer Policy: Build Clean requires a 50% deposit for private clients. Private clients are determined as those who do not hold an ABN & Australian builders license.
Cancelations Policy: If Build Clean are required to pack-up or are unable to complete their task for reasons out of our control (i.e trades still working) we reserve the right to charge as a variation for the cost of the inconvenience. This in cases can be the travel time, setup, pack down and opportunity cost of each staff member inconvenienced.
Workspace Policy: Build Clean requires a clean run of workspace where each trade has completed their respective task enabling our team to clean without interference. Failure to provide a completed workspace may result in variations, if the trades are deemed to lower the efficiency of our team.
Exclusions Policy: No allowances have been made for removal of excessive residue left by poor tradesman-ship, this includes but is not limited to silicone, paint, render, concrete and mortar. In the event of excessive residue the supervisor will be notified for revision if additional time is required to remove such residue. This may result in variations to the initial quote.
Damage Policy: Build Clean takes no responsibility for damage to property including but not limited to joinery, floors, walls, windows or window frames as a result of the cleaning process. Buildclean exercise extreme caution and have preventative measures in place however damage is, in most cases be caused by removal of excessive residue. Buildclean uses extreme caution when cleaning ‘toughened glass’, ‘comfortplus’ and similar glass. Excessive residue is in most cases unable to be removed without damage to the glass. Buildclean uses measures to minimise damage however takes no responsibility for the damage caused. Glass should always be protected from installation and protection should be removed by the window cleaner.
Build Clean provides a prompt and timely experience both with the services we provide and our administrative affairs. It is for this reason we encourage you to meet your due date disclosed in your invoice to avoid penalties.

Build Clean may, at its discretion, seek and recover from the Customer, and the Customer agrees to pay:

  • Collection and Legal Costs

Any costs and expenses incurred in collecting or attempting to collect any amounts that are not paid by the Customer when due, including outsourcing to a debt collection agency, their fees and legal costs, and solicitor fees on a solicitor/client basis

  • Late fees

Interest on all overdue invoices of 5% per month from the date of an unpaid invoice

  • Dispute Resolution

Without prejudice to either parties’ rights under and relevant legislations in South Australian regulations, both parties agree that:

In the event that we are unable to get sign off on the day of finishing the work, if Build Clean Adelaide do not receive a written dispute within 3 working days, it will be considered that work has been completed to satisfaction.

In the event that we receive a dispute within the nominated time, the Customer and Build Clean Adelaide will initially use all reasonable endeavours to resolve any dispute arising under the agreement within 10 business Days of a party being advised by written notice of such a dispute.

In the event that the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within the timeframe specified, the parties may either agree to refer the matter to mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution or commence collections and/or legal proceedings

To the extent possible, both parties shall continue to comply with their obligations under the Terms and Conditions, whilst dispute is being addressed by the procedure as set out here.

Nothing in this agreement shall prevent Build Clean Adelaide from seeking injunctive relief at any time if it is deemed necessary by Build Clean Adelaide

  • Short notice Conditions

Build Clean Adelaide usually works on at least (7 business days) notice for commencement of work, to allocate sufficient resources. If Build Clean Adelaide receives a request for work less than (3 business days’ notice) Build Clean Adelaide reserves the right to request payment of (50%) deposit on their quote, to be able to reschedule current works to provide the service on short notice.

  • Acceptance

The Customer, by agreeing to proceed with the work will be seen as accepting the above Terms and Conditions.


What We Clean

Our professional cleaning ensures every surface is spotless.

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Do you know your cleaners are lowering the value of your handover?

For the most part your project runs very well. Your trades perform as they should and everything runs on time. You probably also dread the final stages because it’s time to find a cleaner and they almost always let you down. It’s a fact that the client will pick up on the smallest issues during the handover. Successful handovers rely on experienced cleaners who know what the client is looking for.

Just once, wouldn’t you like to handover your latest project with confidence?

What if there was a way to know for sure that your builders cleans are completed properly the first time. What if there was a team that had the specialized expertise and actually know what needs to be done before handover. And what if these services didn’t cost a million dollars? You would have to consider their proposal wouldn’t you?

Maybe it seems easy enough for anyone to do, but our experience tells us something different.

Builders cleans and ultimately successful handovers start with an understanding of what actually needs to be done. There are cleaners out there today that might say they know how to clean but when you stop and think about it, is cleaning an office or domestic house really the same?

We don’t waste time on anything else.

Our team is solely trained in the construction industry. We don’t clean anything else. Our equipment is heavy duty. Our vehicles are packed with the right tools. We don’t need to leave until it’s complete.