Is there a sub-contractor shortage?

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The housing market has boomed over the last 6 months and the government building grants are a driving factor. Will all this building going on are we going to see a subcontractor labor shortage?


Why would there be a shortage?

With all the building activity happening across the country builders are maxing out their capacity. This means that the subcontractors (trades) that builders sue are also going to be pushed to their limits. We have come off the back of a strong construction cycle so trade companies are in a strong position however the massive influx of work over the past 6 months means that those who have not scaled up will be overloaded, backed up or simply unable to service more work.

Big contracting firms will be able to benefit from the large number unemployed or job seekers as these firms have recruiting, onboarding and training strategies to get team members up to speed quickly. The smaller operators will undoubtably struggle with the increased demand and max out their capacity at some point soon.


What does this mean for the consumer?

The potential subcontractor shortage means that builders need to secure capable contractors and the consumer may experience delays in the building process or decreases in the standard of work. We are hopeful that delays are the only bi-product of the over demand however there is still a risk of quality trades being booked out and builders seeking less experienced or less desirable trades to get the work done. As the consumer, do you double checks, communicate with your builder and be open to the possibility that time lines may be flexible, but don’t accomodate a drop in quality.


What about the future?

Regardless of a shortage in the construction industry we should all embrace the builders and sub-contractors that are committed to training, technology and communication. These three driving forces are enabling builders and trades alike to advance their capacities whilst maintaining quality. The construction industry is a major employer and strong contributor to our nations GDP an dis currently driving the economy forward. We should all be very proud and excited to see such advances in construction. With the capacity and quality of our top builders and trades on the rise, what more could we ask for?



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