Meet the Build Clean team

We are building our team while your build beautiful projects.
Our aim is to provide big business systems with small business service.

Sam Ackland

Founder & CEO

‘2022 Small Business Champion Entrepreneur Award Winner'
‘2021 AFR Most innovative Companies Awards Finalist’
‘2021 Australian Achiever Awards SA Winner'
‘2020 SA Young Entrepreneur of the Year’
‘2020 Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur Award Winner’

I am on a journey to be my best Self; a model husband & father, an accomplished leader and present in the moment.

I began my educational journey at Flinders University, studying a Bachelor of Busienss with specialisation in Marketing. This became the platform for my adventure through different industries and experiences. I performed marketing roles with small, family run businesses and got a taste for the culture of a tight knit team. From there I set out to learn sales from some of the best, and where better to learn the art of selling than in the automotive industry. With both marketing and sales experience under the belt, I accepted the call and ventured out on my own, trusting the skills and knowledge I had earned thus far.

My initial days of self-employment saw me accepting any job, for any client, collating it all under the banner of 'property maintenance'. As time progressed, the work itself was often unenjoyable and the model was increasing difficult to scale. It was time for a paradigm shift... A line drawn in the sand... I was destined to pick a service and be the best I could be at it.

On February 1st, 2018 I rebranded and left the sole-trader structure for a propriety limited company. This was the birth of Build Clean, a service based company with a single focus on the construction industry. I soon found that our services were greatly appreciated; taking a trades person mentality, with exceptional service standards and consistency. Our reputation soon spread and we became the brand you see today.

In 2020 I knew I could not manage the company’s rapid growth on my own and needed to introduce an integrator to aid my visionary approach. At the time Jack Kempson had been my right hand man and after months of pitching the dream, he put his future on the line and joined as a Director of Build Clean. Since that day, we have constantly challenged each other to learn and grow in an effort to keep ourselves one step ahead of the company.

Over the years our intentions have not gone unnoticed with an array of awards and recognition. Some a collective effort and others of a personal nature, from being recognised as the Australian Achiever Awards Winner for South Australia, to Finalists in the AFR Most Innovative Companies and, in the same week being named South Australia’s Young Entrepreneur of the year and awarded the InDaily Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur Award. To more recently being titled the 2022 Small Business Champion Entrepreneur, the first individual accolade on a national stage.

It is humbling to build a company (my lifes work) that is appreciated in the community. I am dedicated to providing the very best workplace I can. Our social impact being sustainable growth to contribute to reducing our nations unemployment rate. We are not here to 'grow for growths sake' but to intertwine our successes with the greater community to build a stronger future for all.

I am excited to be on this journey and even more so to have the opportunity to give back. I am a keen learner and sharer of my findings. I am passionate about mentoring those special few who resonate with my story and has the spark that is required to try something truly great.

You are welcome to reach out to me on all social platforms, or follow the everyday Sam on instagram @sam.ackland

Jack Kempson

Managing Director SA

Bachelor of Industrial Design
‘2021 AFR Most innovative Companies Awards Finalist’
‘2021 Australian Achiever Awards SA Winner’
‘2021 Australian Achiever Awards Winner for Remarkable Customer Service’
'2020 Small Business Champion Finalist’

As many others, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career outside of school. I knew I had a drive to do something creative, which led me down the path of graduating industrial design from UniSA. From here, I started freelancing and selling custom made furniture to the wealthy. Although enjoyable, it didn’t feel right as I knew this industry wasn’t scalable and I would always be an owner operator. An international journey to find myself was required, which also would cost a bunch of money that I did not have. This is when I began working for Sam before Build Clean.

Mowing lawns, painting fences, window cleaning from deathly heights, I did absolutely anything for a quick buck. We quickly noticed where our strengths lie and that was construction cleaning. Before we knew it, Sam’s team had grown to 3 or so cleaners & I’d saved up enough to begin my working holiday in Canada. I felt guilty for leaving, as I knew something big was brewing.

With an extremely low minimum wage in Canada I found myself selling the world to customers at fancy restaurants for tips. My options were, either sell well or skip breakfast. As my skills in customer service grew, so did Sam back in Adelaide. In 2018 Build Clean was born. My visa was coming to an end and weirdly enough, I found myself daydreaming about the potential opportunities in the cleaning industry. Sam was begging to get me back and promised a full-time position as the Operations Manager. I organised the next flight & said my goodbyes.

Sam had grown the team, however he was wearing far too many hats. Once I took over operations, he knuckled down on our systems & growth. We were a powerhouse duo working to each other’s strengths & weaknesses. With a boom in construction and delivering a niche quality service, our target was the moon. In 2020, I went all in & joined Sam as an equal director.

Since then, we have grown to 50+ employees, provided many career opportunities, work with the best builders in the SA industry, won an array of awards and are planning a national expansion. Although growth is super exciting, I find giving back to people the most rewarding. All our managers have started as cleaners, we’ve got the unemployed back into the workforce & have supported international students through to Australian residency. We truly are making a social impact & building a stronger tomorrow.

Neata Crompton

Managing Director QLD

Cert. III Mechanical Engineer
2012 Winter Youth Olympic Athlete

Tarquin Katnich

Managing Director VIC

Mel Foote

Administration Manager

Certified RTWSA Officer
Diploma of Professional Interior Design

Carlos Alberto Poveda

Human Resource Manager

Jacob Vennix

Project Manager

Completed Projects
5 Star Reviews
Ongoing Clients
Total Workforce

Here at Build Clean we have set our sights on becoming Australia’s leading handover cleaning specialist. (… and strictly non-franchised)

This single focus on builders cleaning enables our team to develop practices to suit the construction industry perfectly.

Sam Ackland established Build Clean in Adelaide in early 2018. Initially Build Clean had been servicing only the best builders in South Australia, including many of the Master Builders Association Award Winners. Late in 2019 Jack Kempson, one of the first employees and trusted friend, saw the potential in the company and invested to become a Co-Director.

The two Directors gained their extensive knowledge over years of working on a diversity of projects. Our work is meticulous, guaranteed and backed by our app based system to ensure the best results.’ – Sam Ackland

Sam and Jack have set a very high benchmark, to be the number one builders cleaning business in the country.  Their staff are highly skilled and stay well informed by their leadership initiative, the Level Up Program. We clean everything! All aspects of each project are carefully cleaned, including floors, windows, benches, pools, outdoor areas, and lighting fixtures. There’s a reason the best builders use us.’ – Jack Kempson

Sam excels in leadership as the founder and Chief Executive Officer and has is heart set of achieving the company vision ‘to have a positive impact on society.’ His dedication to high performance, efficiency and sustainability are testimony to his vision.

Jack excels in people management at the Managing Director of South Australia.  His attention to detail, personalised approach and commitment to deliver quality ensures every project is completed to the highest level and on time.

‘Our collaboration with clients and strong communication equals genuine enjoyment of our work and positive outcomes.  Over the years we have worked with many great clients and trades which have led to strong ongoing relationships.’
– Sam Ackland & Jack Kempson


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond!

With a few notches in the belt both Sam and Jack started talking of the next step. This was overhead by Neata Crompton and the rest is history. Neata worked her way from cleaner, to team leader then Operations Manager in Adelaide. This exuberant, overachiever is now the Managing Director of Queensland.

Neata and the QLD team are backed by the full support of the brand and Neata also enjoys a close mentorship with the CEO, Sam Ackland.

What location is next!