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  • Safety is paramount, we wear hard hats not cowboy hats
  • Last minute bookings for today or tomorrow? No worries!
  • Highly skilled builders cleaners deliver the most premium quality
  • Our systems and management ensure we’re consistent, every time.
  • Defect reporting straight to your smart phone

You’ll have a dedicated Operations Manager so you’ll always work with the same team. Building trusting relationships is at the core of what we do.

You’ll be confident to conduct handover knowing the homeowner won’t find any nasty surprises.

Proven Process

Our systemised approach ensures we deliver consistency on ever job. Click through to see the detailed explanation of each area.

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We take a construction site and turn it into a display home.

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We take a construction site and turn it into a display home.

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What Do You Do During Your Pre-Handover Builder's Clean?

We clean top to bottom, back to front, ensuring every surface is not only clean but free from any leftover silicone or plaster. We make sure the kitchen is perfect because that’s the masterpiece of any house.
Bathrooms and Laundry
From tiles to mirrors, window screens and even the inside of the drain plug, we leave the bathroom spotless and free from any sign of the building process. With everything done, we hit the floors and get them sparkling.
We don’t just make the windows crystal clear, we inspect all frame edges to clean any paint overspray or uneven lines. Removing plaster, paint and dust from the window seal and fly screens, we make sure they look like they are straight from the showroom.
Living Areas
Checking over everything from ceiling fans, light fixtures and skirtings, we dust and wipe every surface to get it looking pristine. Of course, windows and floors will be left looking like no one has been there before!
Purpose-built tools and equipment 
We carry the right equipment so we don’t have to leave your site. Our chemicals are selected to provide the best results. We remove excess grout, silicone and other building mess because it’s all a part of the job.

How Long Will The Job Take?

For best results a standard home (150m2 – 450m2) will take 1 day for window cleaning and 1 day for builders cleaning. We can do them both in the same day but it means more people working in the same area and the possibility of a minor defect or two.

Anything over 450m2 may take 2-3 days and over 850m2 3-4 days.

We have a team of 40+ staff with 15 vehicles on the road so if you’re pressed for time we can always make some magic happen.

Do You Carry All The Necessary Equipment to Do the Work?

We carry the right equipment so we don’t have to leave your site and our chemicals are selected to provide the best results.

We have 15 vehicles on the road so if we run out, another crew is not far away.

We also have a dedicated Operations Manager that can provide extra support or replacement equipment.

We DO NOT miss handovers.

Can You Work on Weekends?

Yes, we can work weekends. We can do Saturdays, Sundays, we can even start at midnight! We work any particular time or day.

What Can I Expect Working With You?

Get in touch and our Estimating team will provide all the pricing and scope of works. Upon acceptance our Operations Manager will contact you to select the perfect dates that fit in with the build.

Operations will make sure that the right staff booked in, everybody’s got the right skills and tools for that particular job. They will make sure the job is executed on time and follow up and make sure that everything did in fact run smoothly.

If by chance there are a few defects (we are only human), we will fix them up immediately.

My Windows Are Covered in Cement and Plaster, Can You Help?

Yes, we  can remove all types of contaminates from windows without damaging them. Guaranteed.

Who Do You Service?

We service custom home builders, residential builders, property developers, commercial builders and everything in between.

If you’re building it, we can clean it.

Is A Builders Clean Just A Sweep Out?

Obviously just cruising around and sweeping floors doesn’t quite cut it. Our  builder’s clean isn’t a labourers clean, there’s a significant amount of effort that goes into the builders clean. This includes going through and cleaning the entire house including all windows and surfaces, leaving the best possible canvas for the client.

Read more about what a builders clean involves

Do You Clean Commercial Builds?

Whatever the commercial project is, we have the power to handle it. We have 40+ staff at any one time, with 15 vehicles on the road. We’ve also got an onboarding process which means we can bring a person up to our level to standard within four weeks.

Even if you have a building site over 5,000 square meters, we can turn it around in a matter of week, we do have a capacity to move quite a bit of sand!

Why Should I Book A Premium Builders Cleaner?

Through our superior service, we protect and enhance the builders reputation. We ensure the job is done properly and doesn’t require an extra work, making life easier for the site/project manager including our unique defect reports so there are no nasty surprises left behind by other trades.


"Build Clean are easy to work with and happy to help with any cleaning issue."

Ryan BrundellAdelaide Dream Homes

"Build Clean help us handover to happy customers every time."

Nick VartzokasAura Custom Projects

"G-Force can rest easy knowing Build Clean are on our projects."

Alex FaggionatoProject Manager - G-Force Building

"Always high quality and happy to go the extra for our clients!"

Alan SheppardDirector - Alan Sheppard Constructions

"Consistent, high quality cleaning every time, even with minimal notice”

Ryan De VisserDirector/Supervisor - Creative Structures

"Build Clean are a pleasure to deal with and will work with you to tackle anything out of the ordinary. Delivering on time and budget without fail."

Ed SchulzProject Manager - Kennett Builders

"Jack and Sam have cleaned our custom homes for years!"

Matt BeckwithDirector - Finesse Built

"Build Clean's attention to detail delivered a high quality finish for our Fullarton Road commercial office project. I will certainly use Build Clean again."

James DaviesProject Manager - BADGE