New Home Construction Clean Up

New Home Construction Clean Up

New Home Construction Clean Up to Set You Apart in the Field

If your team have just built a magnificent home, do your workmanship some justice with a new home construction clean up from the leading South Australian cleaning professionals: Build Clean. We’re trained in all facets of post-construction cleaning, removing all of the troublesome dust, debris, smudges and marks that can compromise that vital first impression.

Our goal is to facilitate a smooth process right up to handover, working simultaneously with trades to meet deadlines while tidying up after them as though they were never there. By following a comprehensive checklist with tried and tested methods dedicated to each task, we bring your newly built home to a showroom quality finish.

A fresh pair of eyes will pick up on anything you might’ve missed! So, your new home construction clean up could be the difference between that five-star review that gives you a leading-edge in your field.

How We Differentiate Ourselves From other in the Field

From the very first greeting with our professionals; you’ll notice that our attitude is majorly attributed to the success of our new home construction clean up. Build Clean’s level of commitment stems from the leadership of our powerhouse management team: Sam Ackland & Jack Kempson.

Since the very beginning in 2018, we’ve been refining our in-house processes, cleaning methods and overall team strategy to ensure jobs get done in minimal time, with absolutely no fuss. We don’t just allocate an individual to give your space a quick polish, but an entire team of construction cleaning specialists who work clockwise from top to bottom to boost efficiency and ensure absolutely no detail is missed.

Our vision for the company is to take our passion Australia-wide, transforming the industry with a level of detail that is backed by a streamlined process for consistent, and unrivalled results.

New Home Construction Cleaning
New Home Construction Clean Up

Our Defect Reporting Process

We hold ourselves fully accountable for the outcome of your new home construction clean up, and that even includes things that are beyond the scope of our service. We’re referring to any scuff marks, chips, cracks or other defects that require attention from your building team.

The defects we come across are visually documented and submitted in a report, giving you the opportunity to do any final touch-ups before handover. This instils that extra level of confidence knowing that your clients are receiving the highest standard of work, from the structural integrity through to those fine cosmetic details.

While new home construction clean up is our speciality, our large and experienced workforce also have the capabilities to work on commercial developments. This includes hospital and medical facilities, through to schools and office fit outs. Our full-scope service list has resulted in long-term relationships with some of Australia’s leading construction teams.

Take your next construction project to that next level with our new home construction clean up. Save yourself the burden of making that final dash to the finish line, our team will take care of everything from top to tail! Call us on 08 7129 8043 or send your enquiries through to our Director Sam via