Industrial & Commercial High Access Cleaning

Dirty, weathered and seemingly out of reach? Let’s create a plan to get it cleaned.

Who do we help? 
  • Commercial Offices and Mixed Use Spaces
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Government & Local Council
  • Defense 
  • Storage & Warehousing
  • Petroleum Sites (WPCG Clearance)
What do we clean? 
  • Windows & Frames
  • Building Facade and Frontage
  • Signage
  • Alucabond & Alu Panel
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Facias & Building Envelope
  • Forecourt & Canopy’s

Window Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, Low Pressure Cleaning , Soft Wash & Hand Cleaning

It might seem out of reach from where you are but we enjoy a challenge. With safety at the forefront, we will develop a cleaning plan that gets the job done properly, safely and on budget.

Risk minimisation is a large factor when considering cleaning at high access. Our team are certified in Working at Heights, Elevated Working Platforms and WHS trained.

Our team can provide washing, cleaning and spraying at high access to clean a range of things from building faces to signage and even petrol station canopies and forecourts.

Depending on the item being cleaned we may need to use high or low pressure water, scrub/agitate with a suitable solution and soft wash to remove debris. Where possible, we try to develop a methodology from the ground, being the safest place to work from. This is not always achievable and in this circumstance we will select a suitable elevated working platform to conduct the works.

Our team are proficient in setting up work space exclusion zones to ensure the general public are always kept clear and informed of any hazards. This is inclusive of containing contaminants such as overspray and dripping.

We always factor the costs of access equipment into our cleaning package so there are no hidden costs. High access cleaning is about keeping your facility clean whilst keeping our team safe, and the general public well away from the work-zone.

The full suite of industrial services

Our large workforce and extensive skillset make us the ideal choice for the big, dirty jobs. If you don't know how to clean it, or if it can even be cleaned, then we are the right choice.

Machine Sweep & Scrub
Entry/Exit Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Carpark Cleaning
Buffing & Scrubbing
High Access Cleaning
Large Floor Scrubbing