Entrepreneur Sam Ackland, scales a path to business success

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Build Clean are specialist building cleaners with a particular focus on working with builders that care about the quality of their work.

Founder, Sam Ackland, saw an opportunity to offer building cleaning services directly to the builders by setting up a streamlined digital infrastructure in order to optimise the service on offer to the clients.

The plan has paid dividends for the business and paved a road to success for Sam’s career.

Originally Build Clean were subtracting to cleaning companies but soon realised they could offer a superior service directly to the builders.

Quality of the cleaning itself is obviously high priority but it’s not the whole story. Nowadays, particularly in the B2B arena a client’s experience can be greatly influenced by a company’s infrastructure and their ability to communicate, coordinate and collaborate.

That’s where a streamlined digital infrastructure is imperative.

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Sam was recently awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Business SA, South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and peak employer body.

In the same year, he was awarded the Entrepreneur Award from In Daily’s Top 40 Under 40. Needless to say, he’s paving his way to success and it’s no surprise that within his building cleaning business is some digital infrastructure to ensure everything is tracked, recorded and managed efficiently.

Outsourcing the grunt work in order to scale

Sam has been using Groundplan for the past couple of years. The original reason was to take the guesswork out of estimating.

Accuracy is but one benefit. You can’t scale, unless you’re willing to leverage and to delegate.

Now, with a library of formulas and templates in Groundplan, Build Clean are able to outsource the takeoff process with calculations being based on their own figures.

Groundplan gives buildclean the ability to use real numbers based on the job’s floorplan to create accurate estimates of the work and therefore remain financially confident.

Why Sam uses Groundplan

1. Multiple staff are able to work on the same project at the same time

2. Staff are able to quickly markup and erase then markup again. Compare that process to using paper and textas and it’s a very different story.

3. The ability to use it anywhere. No matter what computer, what location, what time, Groundplan is accessible.

A completely digital workflow

Speaking of digital tools, Build Clean also use HR Management software to manage staff, finances are taken care of using Xero, a job management system to administer jobs in the field, a marketing platform to keep the leads rolling in and of course Groundplan for accurate estimating.

Sam recognises and acknowledges Groundplans constant updates to the software. Its the added benefit of a monthly subscription. Constant updates mean constant improvement and access to the best of breed systems and tools.

We’d like to thank Sam for being an avid user of Groundplan and participating in our case study and wish him all the best for a fruitful career.