Builders Cleaning Service

Builders Cleaning Service

Adelaide’s Best Builders Cleaning Service

A professional builders cleaning service significantly differs from the standard service, bringing your construction site to a finish that’s fit for a showroom. Whether it’s an office space, new home, hospitality venue, medical centre or school—we address all tasks, both big and small to ensure your client is 100% satisfied with the end result.

After all the hours of hard work builder put in to create stylish, practical and functional spaces, it would be a terrible shame to let something like a scuff mark or some debris create a poor first impression. So, our team works simultaneously in a clockwise location to ensure every surface is absolutely spotless—including details like windows, fixtures and even the exterior grounds thanks to our high-pressure cleaning systems.

Anything beyond our remediation is documented during our app-reporting process, notifying who ever is managing the site to allow for touch ups before presentation.

What Makes a Builders Clean Essential to Your Post-Construction Process?

Builders cleaning service delivered by the professionals at Build Clean takes your project to that next level, while facilitating a streamlined process through to handover. Here’s why:

  1. We’re trained specifically in construction cleaning, so we’re fully aware of what types of debris, marks and mess might be prevalent after a build.
  2. Through testing and trialling different methods, we’re equipped with all the right tools and products to effectively get jobs done.
  3. We can work simultaneously with project managers, property developers, and shop fitters to make sure the deadline is met. You won’t be rushing around to prepare things prior to handover!

Minor errors can be detrimental to first impressions, but they can be easy to miss when you’ve been on the site for too long. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to pick up even the most minor flaws for a full-scope builders cleaning service.

Builders Cleaning Service
Builders Cleaning Service

The Team Behind Build Clean’s Success

There’s no doubt that Build Clean stand as leaders in the builders cleaning service field, and it all comes down to the commitment of our Directors, Sam Ackland and Jack Kempson. Sam established the business in 2018, and the fast traction demanded a second pair of hands to help with project management.

That’s where Sam’s friend Jack came in, taking on the role of Director of Operations to complete the powerhouse that drives the company forward every day. The duo shares a similar ethic and mindset when it comes to performance and growth, eventually hoping to take their service Australia-wide.

Sam and Jack have created a stringent training program to ensure every team member follows the same structured process to maintain consistency in their work. Regardless of where we are or what type of work we’re doing, you can completely trust in the results of our builders cleaning service.

For South Australia’s best builders cleaning service, you can rest assured that Build Clean have you covered with the highest level of workmanship and professionalism in the industry. Whether it’s kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces or outdoor areas—we’ll do what it takes to get the job done. Call on 08 7129 8043 or email!